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Bike It Crew

Welcome to The Bike-It Crew

The Bike-It Crew is a group of children, with two representatives from each class, who meet every fortnight to discuss matters which are important to our pupils.


Each class, during their weekly class assembly, talk about key issues  to do with cycling, scooting and skateboarding, which are then recorded by their representatives. The reps bring these notes to meetings and we talk about ways in which we can improve the school. Representatives feed back to their classes by reading the minutes from the meeting. When decisions need to be made, children are asked to vote for their preferred choice. Our Bike-It Crew therefore acts like a democracy, similar to the society we live in.


Occasionally, the Bike-It Crew raises to improve and inform children's journeys to school. Check back here again to find out how much money we have raised so far this year and to learn where the money has gone. The reps are also involved in the interview process for new staff, observe lessons and represent the school at key events

Check back soon for information about the Bike It Crew!
Meet the class reps for 2016-17

New class reps for Bike-it Crew will be announced shortly.

Meet the Reps

Here are our School Council Reps:



Duckling Class


Ladybird Class


Hedgehog Class


Squirrel Class


Fox Class


Badger Class


Owl Class  


Where every child matters and individuals are valued.