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The School Council


The School Council is a group of children, with two representatives from each class, who meet every fortnight to discuss matters which are important to our pupils. We also have House circle times on the last Monday of the month, when the whole school gets the opportunity to discuss matters which are important to them. 


Each class, during their weekly class circle times, talk about key school issues which are then recorded by their representatives. The reps bring these notes to meetings and we talk about ways in which we can improve the school. Representatives feed back to their classes by reading the minutes from the meeting. When decisions need to be made, children are asked to vote for their preferred choice. Our School Council therefore acts like a democracy, similar to the society we live in.


Occasionally, the School Council raises money for charity. Check back here again to find out how much money we have raised so far this year and to learn where the money has gone. The reps are also involved in the interview process for new staff, observe lessons and represent the school at key events.


Meet the Reps

Here are our School Council Reps:



Duckling Class

Matilda and Callie

Ladybird Class

Poppy and William

Hedgehog Class

Gus and Issy

Squirrel Class

Courtney and Noah

Fox Class

Magnus and Ines

Badger Class

Jessica and Jayden

Owl Class Domnic and Max


This Month

This month we focused on the KS2 field, a Summer 2 Water Challenge and the Moving Up morning. In terms of the field, we spoke about how we can make football fairer on it, especially when the field is being shared with KS1. We suggested that there could be specific areas for KS1 and KS2 to play football separately. We also thought KS1 could be given the chance to play Table Tennis on Fridays. When discussing the Water Challenge, we thought we could create a tick sheet for each class, whereby they receive a tick for every bottle of water they drink, and if they get 10 ticks a week then they would receive 5 Dojo points. We also thought we could award the class with the most ticks each fortnight, an extra swimming lesson. Finally, we spoke about activities we would like to do with our new teachers on the Moving Up morning. We thought we might like to design our own peg and tray labels, create an acrostic poem about ourselves and also start a bit of work on our autumn topic. We would again like to remind everyone that if they have an issue they think needs improving, then please talk to your School Council members so they can discuss it at the next meeting.


We achieved all this last year

- New wet play equipment for the classrooms

- A whole school nut-free poster

- New stationery equipment in classrooms

- We have raised money for Children in Need, Comic Relief and Macmillan Cancer

- We have run assemblies, showing the pupils in our school how to be good friends on the playground.



Where every child matters and individuals are valued.