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Welcome to Year 1!

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Welcome to Year 1! Thank you for visiting our class page. On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Year 1


Our class teacher is Mr Hinde.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Moir and Mrs Irwin.

Picture 1 Mr Hinde
Picture 2 Mrs Moir
Picture 3 Mrs Irwin



Our new topic for Summer 2 is AT THE SEASIDE.

We are still in touch with Flat Stanley so we will see what he has to say over the term!

Please see the Medium term planning for an overview of what things we will be doing this half term (please note that this may be subject to change)



Our new topic this term is Around the world. 

Please see Medium  term planning for an overview of our coverage for the first term (please note that this may be subject to change).

Desmond, our class dragon, has introduced his favourite book, FLAT STANLEY. We have read the book and  have completed some work around the characters and story last week. Who is to say what is going to happen next!!





Key Weekly Information


Welcome back after May half-term. We all hope you had a lovely break. Swimming is commencing this half term. We are lucky enough to have it on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Please note that the children will be still having PE on a Tuesday afternoon. BUSY BUSY!




Welcome back after the Easter holidays. We all hope you had a good time. It has been lovely to spend time with the children for three days and get used to new routines (and website access!!). All the children have settled back in really well. I have been very impressed with their attitude and their approach to learning. We will continue to work hard and strive in a positive, safe,fun and friendly environment.


This half term, we are very fortunate to have Mr Brown (Cambridge Utd sports coach),  helping myself (Mr Hinde) teach the class Athletics on Wednesday mornings. Alternative PE session will continue to be on Tuesday afternoon.


Things to note:

PE is  on Tuesday afternoon. Swimming on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning. 

Please make sure your child has a named kit in school that is suitable for the colder weather as the hall can get chilly and on a Wednesday they go out to play in their kit.  (Please note that we have a very limited selection of spare kit)

The school day begins at 8.55am. Children should line up when the whistle blows ready to come in and put their things away.

We politely request that adults support their children in being independent in organising their own belongings and refrain from coming into the cloakroom to help. (We know it’s tricky!) 

The door to the classroom is opened from 8.45am for parents/ carers to speak to staff to deliver messages such as collections etc.  In line with school policy adults and children should not enter the school before the whistle for any other reason.


Show and Tell: The timetable has been sent home with children indicate when it is their turn. I am happy to continue with this.



After settling back in on our first week back, homework will recommence as per usual.

Homework  for English and Maths will now be sent home on Wednesdays and is due to in on Mondays.

In the event that homework is returned after the due date I can’t guarantee that it will be marked.

Reading: Please read and share books with your child everyday if possible, just 10 minutes makes all the difference.    I am aiming to have daily guided reading sessions where all children will be heard reading across the week this term. Your child will be prompted to change his/her book after a session and particularly on a Monday and Friday.


As per Miss Hurst, my door is always open (at allotted timessmiley). Please come and see me if you have any questions or wish to discuss something. I’m happy to make an appointment with you.


Here is a copy of our weekly class timetable. This is an example of what our week will look like but it is subject to change dependent on weekly events.


Termly timetable (subject to change)

What are we learning at the moment?


This half term our topic is At the seaside. Please see the medium term plan above for what we are covering in lessons. Please note that this is subject to change.


Maths is taught in blocks as per the school scheme. The first week we have worked on subtraction and missing numbers. We are currently working on a 2 week block on money. Please encourage your children to play and add various amounts of coins to get a total. Focus and make links to counting in 2,5,10 s. After this we will be covering measurement focusing on weight and volume. We will complete the term focusing on any gaps in learning.

Continue to practice calculations and encourage children to do jottings/drawings to help them.


Key vocabulary- pence, total, altogether, subtraction,addition, multiplication, more than, less than, longer, shorter, heavier, lighter.



We will continue to work on alternative spellings of sounds, syllables and compound words.


Foundation subjects:

Geography- physical features and directional language

History- seaside, Now and Then.

Science- Materials, seasons, plants.

RE- creation stories

Art- seaside drawings


This half term our topic is Around the world.  Please see the medium term plan  above for  what we are covering  in lessons.  Please note that this is subject to change.


Maths is taught discretely and will follow the school scheme (Maths mastery).

 We are currently working on three week block on Place value using lots of practical resources to help us. We are also practising reading and writing numbers from 1-100. There will be then be work on number operations, measuring and then a period of consolidation.



Key vocabulary: more than, less than, equal to, hundreds, tens and unit,multiplication and division.



We will continue to  learn alternative graphemes for spelling.  There will be an emphasis recognising sounds to segment words to read ( ch  ur   ch =church) and blending (tooth = t  oo  th). We will talk about nonsense words to prepare for Phonic screening test. We have made our aliens and gave them nonsense (alien) names on our new interactive Phonics display which will support our learning.


 Foundation subjects:

Geography- We will look at the UK, continents and similarities/differences between places and countries.

Art- We  will  be painting and other  using other materials to make representations of objects/items.

Science- We will be learning about plants

Computing- The focus of our lessons are using technology and PURPLE MASH

 Music was  taught in PPA time on a Tuesday afternoon along with Games.



Latest news from the  Year 1 classroom:


W/C Monday 10th July


This week the children have immersed theirselves in our Merman/Mermaid poem. We have been talking about the poem, writing the poem and then working in groups to plan a performance of the poem. The children really enjoyed acting out the parts of the poem as they read them. They all enjoyed making Neptune's crown and some interesting dolphin noses!

In Mathematics, we have been working and recapping on areas such as fractions and time. It was great to see that the children had retained some prior knowledge and all were able to tell o'clock and half past times.

In RE, we have talked about different cultures and beliefs. It is lovely to see how respectful the children are of other peoples ideas while off course, holding on to their own. The children enjoyed getting creative and drawing the Story of Creation.

We have also managed to spend some time in the revamped KS2 library. We read some books and recapped on how important it is to look after things.

Onwards and upwards to our last week of term!

Just a reminder that sharing assembly homework is due in Wednesday 19th July.

Many thanks


W/C Monday 3rd July 


Another productive week in year 1. We have carried on with our measurement theme and have been working on capacity and volume. With the sun shining on us, the children have been hands on using different containers to compare capacity and used lots of good mathematical language. Very occasionally, the water managed to stay in the container!!smiley

In English, the children have enjoyed reading "Shouty Arthur at the Seaside". We have discussed and wrote descriptions of a Rockpool. Also, the children have wrote a story map with a Beginning, Middle and End! (supported by some lovely drawings).

In History, the children have been learning about Seaside holidays and comparing the differences and similarities between past and present vacations.

We have read Seaside poems this week and it has been fun discussing them.The children have chosen a poem and this is part of our homework this weekend. We will do some work on the poem during the week. Please have some fun practising the poem and If you feel adventurous make a video. Mr Hinde (starring Eddie) have made a video (in one take and little practise) as a possible example! I have attempted to load on the website for perusal (in our the homework section)!! Enjoy



W/C Monday 26th June.


Well, what a week! The conclusion of which was a wonderful Class assembly, winning Bikability Bob and we also won Tidy Friday!! It's the taking part that counts though!!

I was so proud of the children in their assembly. Well done to everyone!


Prior to Friday, we had a busy week in other areas. The children got hands on weighing things in the classroom. Lots of ordering and language of heaviest, lighter, etc. The children did well in reading scales in grams and we know that 1KG is the same as 1000grams!

In English, we worked hard on est and er suffixes. This can be a challenge but I was so pleased on how we got on in changing the endings according to the rules that we had learnt. Also, the children were busy making sandcastles and then wrote some lovely sentences using adjectives to describe them.(Some nice photos too!)

In between the odd class assembly practise (not time for a lot!), we have done lots of reading and phonic practise. In Geography, we used Bee bots to follow compass directions on a map. We also finished our seaside designs and added a key.


All in all, a great week. Well done!





I have sent a letter home to adults about the class assembly but I forgot to ask if children could bring a hat and sunglasses in for the Friday. It is to link in with our Seaside theme and would be much appreciated!


w/c Monday 19th June.

Please note as well as swimming, children will need PE kits in for  a sports day practice Wednesday and the real event on Thursday morning. Please continue to provide children with sun lotion, suitable hats and water bottles. We will encourage and remind children to keep well hydrated and safe in the hot weather.


Another enjoyable and productive week in Class 2! The children very much enjoyed sports day. There was lots of encouragement and all the children tried their best and showed great sportsmanship. We also only managed to get soaked once in the rain!


Outside of swimming and sport, the children have continued to work with money and have been working out how much change we would receive by having a set amount and buying items. Hopefully, this will be reinforced through homework and shouldn't be too taxing!


As part of Science Creativity days,we were lucky to have an outdoor visitor, Richard, teaching us aspects of Science. It was great to get outside and appreciate all the colours and natural materials available to us. The children enjoyed making a giants head in the Wild life area and they particularly enjoyed being squirrels!


In English, we have been using adjectives to uplevel our writing. It has been lovely to see the progress made as we continue to reinforce the basic structure of writing through practical activities. Next week, we hope to be building and describing sandcastles (weather permitting!).


w/c Monday 12th June


The children have been getting hands on with money and doing lots of activities  including recognising coins, adding coins, buying items, etc. Please use these as a tool at home if you ever get the chance. Great for counting in 2,5 and 10s!

We have carried on with our seaside theme and have been designing our very own seaside resorts. Richard Branson did it, why cant we!!


In writing, children have been using I pronoun and extending sentences by using 'and'. We have wrote about what we we take and do at the seaside.


Swimming was a great success and the children have settled into a new routine. We made sure that we stayed in the shade in this hot weather!


w/c Monday 5th June

The children had an enjoyable week back and soon got back into routines. Swimming was  cancelled on Tuesday but we managed to have a seaside related Art session instead!

Children wrote about their holidays and received a letter from Flat Stanley! His new topic is the seaside too, who would have thought! We are learning seaside related words and looking at seaside related stories.


w/c Monday 22nd May

Please note that there will be a note going home with the children regarding swimming for next term. We are expecting the pool to be ready over half term. Year 1 will be swimming Tuesday AM and Wednesday AM.


This week the children have worked hard on writing an adventure story about Flat Stanley in Russia. We have talked about sentence structure, punctuation and using adjectives to describe things or people.

We enjoyed reading our stories in the Wildlife area on Friday. It was great  listening to children reading and discussing their great stories.

The children have carried on with jottings to help their calculations. We have successfully used arrays to answer multiplication problems.

Keep on practising your 2,5 and 10 times tables!smiley

In Science, we have carried on with our observations of the affect of different conditions on the growth of seeds. We have also sketched leaves and sorted between deciduous and evergreen leaves! wow!


May I also say a big thank you and congratulations to all the children who completed work for the homework event. It was a great turn out with some really great work that really stood out in the hall. Well done.



Have a great break and recharge those batteries! 


w/c Monday 15th May


This week, we have received another letter from Flat Stanley! He sent us a lovely photograph of himself and some children recognised that he was in Russia!

We have helped him out with his homework and are in the process of writing an adventure story. We have talked about the structure of a story (Beginning, Middle and End) and the children greatly enjoyed acting out their ideas in small groups.

In Geography, we have learnt about hot and cold countries whilst talking about the equator/importance of the sun. Our sunflowers continue to grow and we have carried out some experiments as to what conditions are needed for a plant to grow. We have also labelled parts of a plant and a tree.

In Maths, the children have been doing subtraction and addition word problems. As well as using concrete objects (counters, etc), the children have used jottings and drawings to work out sums.

Also,we have managed a few songs this week and have now introduced our "shake break" ,when we need to recharge our batteries!!

Lots of great work whilst managing to have some fun as well!


w/c Monday 8th May.

The children have discussed features of a letter and worked through questions and tells from Flat Stanley this week. The children wrote some marvellous letters for him and we managed to send our replies on Friday! We look forward to hearing from him soon!

In Maths, we have worked on addition and subtraction. This week we will be representing number sentences (eg 7 + 4 = 11) and finding missing numbers or symbols in these sentences. We will represent through drawings and use concrete resources (eg counters) to support answering sums.

Sunflowers continue to grow and we have started a bean diary with some measurements of our plant growth to date.

We continue to recap on phonic sounds and use sound buttons to reinforce the different sounds within words.

Keep up the good work everyone!!


w/c Monday 1st May.

We have had another productive week where the children have worked really well.

This week, the children were very excited to receive a letter from Flat Stanley! We have discussed  this and are planning to write a letter in return.

In Maths, children have got to grips with place value and more/less than given numbers in tens and units.

The children have planted  sun flower seeds and the shoots are through already. We will soon be looking to plant them out and will write about what is happening. 

On Friday, we visited our wildlife area and the children enjoyed sketching all the plants that we saw.


Thank you with all your support and hard work with homework. Can I gently remind you that there are 3 sections and the children have to complete ALL 3 ( English, Maths and spelling.) Also, we are assessing common exception words this week and missing words that require extra support will be send home in due course.  Your continued support outside of school is much appreciated and very beneficial to your child's development. 


w/c 24th April

The children have settled in really well on our first full week back. We are still thinking about where Flat Stanley has disappeared to and  have produced some lovely reports telling everyone the news!

We have completed lots of place value work in Mathematics. The children have used different strategies in addition/subtraction (counting on/back from biggest number, making our our number lines, using counting resources, etc.)


We have also managed to plant our own sunflower seeds and have written instructions on how we did this.


We are looking forward to next week.




The children were very excited today to see that Flat Stanley had paid us a visit. We found him in a tree in the playground and are thinking of ways to make people aware of our news!                                          




Alternative pronunciation of graphemes support sheet

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