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Welcome to Year 1!

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Welcome to Ladybird class! Thank you for visiting our class page. On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Ladybird class


Our class teacher is Mr Hinde.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Solly and Mrs Irwin.


The team will aim to make the transition into Year 1 as smooth and fun as possible. We will gradually introduce more structure as the childrens' confidence builds in their new environment.

Picture 1 Mr Hinde
Picture 2 Mrs Irwin
Picture 3 Mrs Solly





Our new topic for Spring 1 is The Frozen Planet.

This is in line with Dr Davey's visit and his current work in the Antarctic. We also have our trip to the Scott Polar on Friday the 26th January.

Please see the Medium term planning for an overview of what things we will be doing this half term (please note that this may be subject to change)







Key Weekly Information


Welcome to Ladybird class.


Things to note:

PE is  on Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning (starting week commencing 11th September).

Please make sure your child has a named kit in school that is suitable for the colder weather as the hall can get chilly and on a Wednesday they may go out to play in their kit.  (Please note that we have a very limited selection of spare kit)

As from Monday 11th September, access to the school grounds will be via the main entrance/KS2 playground. The children will be allowed to enter the classroom from 8.45am

The school day begins at 8.55am.

We politely request that adults support their children in being independent in organising their own belongings and refrain from coming into the cloakroom to help. (We know it’s tricky!) 

The door to the classroom is opened from 8.40am for parents/ carers to speak to staff to deliver messages such as collections etc.  In line with school policy adults and children should not enter the school before this time.



The school is currently reviewing levels of homework and what time should be spend on it.

 Number facts and spellings are being sent home again. Please make sure you practise these as children will be tested each Friday.

Please read and share books with your child everyday if possible, just 10 minutes makes all the difference.   I am aiming to have daily guided reading sessions where all children will be heard reading across the week this term. Your child will be prompted to change his/her book after a session and particularly on a Monday and Friday.I appreciate that the children are very young so we will look to build up their confidence to initiate book changes. Please feel free to give your child a gentle reminder in the morning if needed.




My door is always open (at allotted timessmiley). Please come and see me if you have any questions or wish to discuss something. I’m happy to make an appointment with you.


Here is a copy of our weekly class timetable. This is an example of what our week will look like but it is subject to change dependent on weekly events.


Termly timetable (subject to change)

What are we learning at the moment?


Maths is taught in blocks as per the school scheme. It is very important that children are hands on and appreciate the concept of number. Use counters, sweets, lego pieces, etc for children to touch and count. The first 4 weeks, we will be working on addition and subtraction. We will practising writing and reading number sentences ( using +, - and =). We will practise number bonds and different ways of representing/drawing these. The final two weeks will be on place value up to 50.



We will recap on all phases of phonics taught so far. Refresh the children on what sounds and tricky words they have retained. It is a good time to review what sounds/words need to be practised and reinforced. We will continue to practice phase 5 sounds and teach alternative spellings of sounds, new tricky words, etc. We work around the letters and sounds policy of teaching Phonics. Sessions should be up and active with reading and writing incorporated.


Foundation subjects:

Geography- Comparison of North and South Pole to the UK, directional Language. Seasonal weather and patterns.

Science- Animals including humans.

PSHE- Healthy life styles, hygiene and managing feelings.

Art- Polar animals. Environments.

PE- Dance.



This half term our topic is The Frozen Planet. The emphasis will be on reinforcing sentence structure. We will be going over Capital letters, finger spaces, writing on the line,full stop. We will be working on lead ins in our writing. Grammer will be suffix ending such as er, est and prefixes un.

We aim for the children to write about their own experiences as this strengthens the quality. We will also be covering texts such as PENGUIN and Lost and Found. Using TALK FOR WRITING, we discuss, roleplay, practise words and phrases (IMMERSION). We then INNOVATE to improve with our own ideas.

 Please see the medium term plan  above for  what we are covering  in lessons.  Please note that this is subject to change.



Latest news from the  Ladybird classroom:


PLEASE SEE CLASS DOJO for weekly updates of class activity.


REMINDER: Our Class Assembly is on Friday 9th March at 2.40pm


February 8th 2018

Wow, that's another half-term gone! We have had another busy and productive week in Ladybirds. In Maths, we have been practicing our 2,5 and 10 timetables. We have also been looking at number patterns and finding missing number in sequences (e.g2,4,__, 8, 10). The children have done really well with this but occasionally need to pay attention to which amounts the numbers are jumping up or down in.
In English, we have talked about the prefix -un and what impact it has on a word. We have used some of these words in sentences to show our comprehension.
Also, we have changed certain parts of the PENGUIN story that we have read. The children have drawn story maps and planned outtheir story structure.
We then wrote our story in a booklet today (to be finished!).
We are really focusing on sentences and fine tuning the details(making sure finger spaces, make sense, capital letters,full stops.)We will then expand on these by adding describing words, etc. It is important to focus on one sentence at a time.Not always quantity but quality that counts!
In Science, the children enjoyed learning about what animals and humans eat. We played games and put animals into a group:Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore. Which one are you!!?
This afternoon, we treated ourselves to some making time and thechildren enjoyed making lots of things with the boxes provided bySophie's mum (thank you).
A great effort this term.
Happy holidays.
Mr Hinde

I appreciate how busy our lives are (and how difficult a task it maybe ) but please try to grab that moment and do some reading with your child when/if it arises. This does not just have to be books. Itcan be words on the television, menus you may read, signs, board games, games of I SPY (can you spell the word as well?), etc.
Thank you for all your support, it really helps


January 2018

It has been an enjoyable and busy month with lots of great learning in Ladybird class. The children have been immersed in our Frozen Planet topic! We had a great Sparky Start where the classroom was turned into a Polar environment with some mysterious paw prints.We wrote about what we thought they were and the children especially enjoyed seeing the photos of our penguin visitor on our classroom "CCTV" cameras. The penguin (since named Pretzel) left us an interesting book, Penguin by Polly Dunbar.We have done lots of work around this, role-playing, story maps and lots of great writing. The children have been really excited with our correspondence with Dr Davey

from Antarctica! We have had power points and some great pictures to discuss. We were also very lucky to talk to him and the children had planned lots of probing questions to ask!

In History, the children have learnt about the great polar explorers Sir Ernest Shackleton and Sir Robert Scott. In Geography, we have learnt about the UK in relation to the North and South Poles.

Our topic in Science is Animals including humans. We have covered parts of the body and senses.The children excelled as Sense Detectives looking for evidence around the school. Alongside this, we have learnt about Animal classifications and identifying groups of animals.

In Maths, we have continued using resources in helping supporting our Addition and subtraction. The children have used number lines, bead strings, cubes while we are advocating starting with the greatest amount in our head and using fingers to count forwards or back. In the next few weeks, we will be moving onto bigger numbers with focus on tens and ones to help us with calculations.

The month culminated with an excellent trip to The Scott Polar and Botanic gardens. The children behaved excellently and it was great for them to be able to transfer all their learning into real life.

Keep up the great week, Ladybirds!


W/C Monday 18th September.

Another busy week has flown by in Ladybird class! The children have been talking emotions and values this week which resulted in some children sharing some of our Values to the school. We choose and discussed the importance of being kind, being respectful and being caring. The children enjoyed talking about it and acting out different scenarios. The most popular being picking a friend up if they have fallen over! Thankfully, that hasn't happened too much, so far!

In Maths, the children have been hands on and worked on one more and one less.We have also practised drawing representations of amounts such as 6 dinosaurs!(bit smaller and less detail next time please!smiley)

In English, we have reminded ourselves of capital letters and full stops. The children have also made sentences together related to What the Ladybird heard. Think it, Say it, Write it! We also enjoyed drawing pictures and adding in the sounds that the animals made. These are on our topic wall. I will try to put on here and CLASSDOJO as I have found my camera charger now!

In Geography, we have discussed the school and where we live. We also made some interesting passports!

In PE, children have enjoyed Games and we loved practising our jumping and landings in our Gym work.

Amongst other songs sang this week, the children are practising a nice Harvest song for next week. Watch this space!

Well done to all!


Ladybird's hall display!


W/C Monday 11th September

I have been really impressed with how the children have managed their first full week. They are settling into their new routines well and are comfortable in their new environment. We have spend more time doing whole class/group activities but there is still a continuous provision for children to explore and learn outside of structured work. It is important to keep the transition smooth and build it up gradually. The children have worked well in reinforcing their place value and counting skills. It is important to use concrete resources (counters,etc) to reinforce this at an early age.

We have enjoyed role playing our What the Ladybird heard story and the children are familiar with phrases and sentence structure. We will use "Talk for writing" to transfer this into writing this coming week. 

We finished our creative work for our class display and the work has been put up in the hall for all to see. A great effort by all. I will put the picture on the website and class Dojo as soon as my "borrowed" camera is returned!smiley.

We have tried hard to read with all the children and change all books this week. I apologise if we have missed anyone and will try extra hard to catch up this week. Please continue to read with your child when you get a chance. It is greatly appreciated.

Keep up the great work everyone!


W/C Monday 4th September.

Not too many tears this week (only my ownfrown)!

On a serious note,I have been really pleased with how the children have settled in this week.

It has been great getting to know the children and they are getting used to new routines. We know our carpet spaces, table colours and have discussed all our class rules!  We have made our 3d ladybirds to be used on our hall display.The children have listened really well and shown the good friendships that they have together.

We have been doing small group activities and every child has read. The children have done discrete handwriting and phonic sessions while keeping some of the play based principles of Early years to smoothen the transition into Year 1.

A great start by all. Keep it up, Ladybirds!


PLEASE NOTE FROM MONDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER, Children and adults need to get to the KS1 playground via the main entrance. For safety reasons, the side gate (near reception) will be closed. Many thanks






Alternative pronunciation of graphemes support sheet

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