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Welcome to Year 2!


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Today I had to tell the class some animals had escaped from Linton Zoo! I was lucky enough to be able to film them while they stampeded through our KS1 playground! We interviewed the adults to see what they knew, they had some very interesting answers- Mrs Arnold even saw rhino poo! I can now reveal they are all safely back in the zoo. PHEW! :)
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Welcome to the page of the happy, helpful and hard-working hedgehogs! On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Year 2

Class Teacher - Miss Emily Nicholson

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Elaine Moir and Mrs Nicola Kiernan

Picture 1 Miss Nicholson
Picture 2 Mrs Moir
Picture 3 Mrs Kiernan


Welcome to the Spring term! Our topic of focus this term is Africa.

Here is a copy of our medium-term plan. It covers what we will be covering thoughout the first half of our Spring term as Year 2! Please check back regularly for any updates.

Key Weekly Information

PE - Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Children will need named shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits and pumps or trainers as this may be indoors or outside.


Reading- At Icknield Primary School, we like to make sure every child has the opportunity to read with their teacher, at least once a week. Hedgehogs are given this opportunity to do this during their Guided Reading sessions.


Here is a copy of a typical class timetable for Year 2, although this can be subject to change.


Homework is now sent out every Thurday via Parentmail. Please ensure your children are given opportunities to practise their spellings and number facts during the week. On Thursdays, the class are quizzed on their spellings and on Friday they are quizzed on their number facts. Results are sent home in their yellow books. Please ensure these are returned to us by the following Thursday.


Reading at Home

Reading records should be signed by an adult regularly. Reading diaries are checked every Friday.

It does not only need to be their school reading book that is jotted down, we love to read about all of the different sorts of texts the children have been reading throughout the week. These could include: magazines, comic books, recipes and many more. The possibilities are endless!


When reading with your child, it can be easy to become a little uncertain about what to question them on within their book! The document below contains a huge variety of questions based on the reading domains we use in class, and can assist your child to be able to read a book at a level of greater depth. A hard copy of this document was also sent home to you all.

Support Materials for Learning at Home

Each week, video clips or similar resources will be provided to help children with their Maths and English learning. :)


Support with Numeracy Homework

This week we have been focusing on the use of tally charts.


Below is an example of one:

Picture 1

Support with Literacy Homework

This week we have been looking at the two main uses of apostrophes- making words shorter (contraction) and showing something belongs to someone (possession).


Below is a video explaining contractions and an image explaining possession:

Apostrophes for Contraction

Apostrophes for Singular Possession

Apostrophes for Singular Possession 1
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Picture 2
Picture 3

This month in Hedgehogs

This month in Hedgehogs we have had to report on catastrophic news... ANIMALS HAD ESCAPED FROM LINTON ZOO! We are pleased to announce that the animals were safely returned that day, but we are keeping an eye out... just in case! In Maths we have just moved on to Statistics. So far we have created our own class tally charts and our now beginning to create stories (yes, that's right!) about what they show us. In Science, we have just started looking at the power of pictures, drawing chicks talking to their friends! Our drawings answered some of the questions we had asked about them at the start of the lesson. Our Africa topic kicked off in the sparkiest way possible- Mrs Emerson treated us to a steel pans session... in our very own classroom. It was a fantastic experience!


What Next

We will soon be editing our newspaper reports based on the Linton Zoo mayhem, we have had lots of fun reporting on this chaotic event!


Within Maths, we will be continuing to focus on topics surrounding Statistics. Within Science, our topic continues to focus around 'Animals including Humans,' where we will be looking into a variety of ways to stay healthy. Furthermore, within our Monday PE lessons we are continuing to practise a variety of skills using equipment such as: bats, balls and beanbags.


Our topic for this term is Africa. During the topic, we will be looking at the physical and human features of Africa, it's wildlife and we will even explore some of the aspects of Ancient Egypt! On Thursday 8th March, we will be heading to Colchester Zoo to finish off our topic, taking part in an exciting 'African Animals' workshop in the afternoon!


Every Monday morning, we carry out Circle Time during our PSHE sessions. During the lesson, we are be focusing on a variety of themes, such as: Growth Mindset, Water Aid and Lent. Furthermore, within RE our lessons will focus around 'Places in Christianity' for this half-term.


Where every child matters and individuals are valued.