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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

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Welcome to the page of the happy, helpful and hard-working hedgehogs! On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Year 2

Class Teacher - Miss Emily Nicholson

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Elaine Moir and Mrs Nicola Kiernan

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At the moment, we are still focusing on lovely hedgehogs, but we will soon be starting a topic all about Explorers.. We will immerse ourselves in information all about some of the key explorers and we will also be exploring Antatctica!

Here is a copy of our medium-term plan. It covers what we will be covering thoughout our first half-term as Year 2! Please check back regularly for any updates.

Key Weekly Information

PE - Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Children will need named shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits and pumps or trainers as this may be indoors or outside.


Here is a copy of a typical class timetable for Year 2, although this can be subject to change.


At the moment, the only homework we would like the children to complete is... Reading! Please make sure reading records are signed by an adult regularly. It does not only need to be their school reading book that is jotted down, we love to read about all of the different sorts of texts the children have been reading throughout the week. These could include: magazines, comic books, recipes and many more. The possibilities are endless!

Support Materials for Learning at Home

Each week, video clips will be provided to help children with their Maths and English learning. :)


Number Gators (Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song)

The Number Gators are hungry! This twangy, toe-tapping math song for kids helps explain the concept of the greater than and less than symbols when comparing numbers. To find more songs, games, and stories, check out Brainzy games: There was an alligator in the swamp, Who'd sneak up on numbers and start to chomp, Whenever two numbers sat on the ground, She'd face the bigger one, and gobble it down!

Awesome Antarctica! | Antarctica Ep4

Subscribe to Earth Touch now for more amazing nature Land ahoy! Seasickness & mild hypothermia forgotten, the Earth Touch crew finally gets to explore Antarctica & glimpse the day-to-day lives of the animals that inhabit this incredibly harsh environment (look out for nest thievery & penguin highways).

Reading at Home

When reading with your child, it can be easy to become a little uncertain about what to question them on within their book! This document contains a huge variety of questions based on the reading domains we use in class, and can assist your child to be able to read a book at a level of greater depth.







Reading diaries checked.



Reading diaries checked.

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What are we learning at the moment?

We are currently finishing off our mini project about hedgehogs, where we have so far learnt key facts about them and have completed an acrostic poem all about our precious fact-giver, Harry the hedgehog. We have even made our own 3D hedgehogs in Design Technology! Our poems and 3D hedgehogs are going to be displayed in the school hall. In addition, we have focused on the beautiful story, 'What Do You Remember?' about a hedgehog and rabbit who are the best of friends, but they often fall out with each other! This week, we will be creating speech bubbles related to them, experimenting with the use of question marks and exclamation marks.


What Next

Next week we will be starting our topic all about Explorers, including the heroic Robert Falcon Scott, exploring his journey to the Antarctic. Within Geography we will explore Antarctica itself, and in Art we will be experimenting with water colours to create icy shades! Our Literacy will be lead by a focus on the book, 'The Great Explorer,' where we will use role play to act out key parts of the book and then compare them to Robert Falcon Scott's journey!


Within Maths, we will be focusing on various sections of our Numbers topic, including recognising the place value of various numbers, deciding whether they are more or less than each other and also adding/subtracting numbers using an array of different pictures to represent them! Within Science, our first topic will focus around 'Living Things and their Habitats,' where we will be looking into a variety of different habitats and food chains. Furthermore, within our Monday PE lessons we will be practising a variety of skills using equipment such as: bats, balls and beanbags.


Every Monday morning, we will be carrying out Circle Time during our PSHE sessions. During the lesson, we will be focusing on a variety of themes, such as: Family, Friendships and Black History Month. Furthermore, within RE our lessons will focus around 'Places in Christianity' for this half-term.


Where every child matters and individuals are valued.