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Year 4

Welcome to Foxes!



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Staff in Year 4


Our class teacher is Miss Evans.

Our teaching assistant is Miss Orrock (Wednesday afternoon).

Our higher level teaching assistant is Mrs Hodson (Friday afternoon).

Our PE is taught by Mrs Seymour (games) and Miss Christina (dance). 



We have begun the term looking at place value in maths. We are investigating 4 digit numbers and how to order, round and compare these. We will soon be moving on to addition and subtraction using formal methods. Within all of our maths there will be elements of problem solving and reasoning. 


We are helping out the builders currently on the school site in English by creating health and safety instructions for them. We are learning how to punctuate correctly throughout our work. We will be moving on to creating our own myths and legends in the next few weeks which is our cross curricular link with history. 


Within history we will be diving into the world of the Ancient Greeks and how their lives helped to make the world what it is today! We have read Daedalus and Icarus as a whole class and have created a stunning display in the hall to showcase this. We will be creating out own mythical creatures in DT which will aid us to write our myths by the end of the half term. 


Within Science we are developing our knowledge of electricity. How does power make our everyday lives better or worse? What do we need to check to make sure circuits are safe? How do you build a simple circuit? 


We have been using computational thinking throughout our lessons to show how computing can be used in every day life. We will also be looking into the importance of E-Safety and how we can help others understand how to stay safe on and offline. 


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Key Weekly Information


PE will be on a Monday and Friday afternoon. The children will study dance with Miss Christina and will be doing games with Mrs Seymour.


Our Class Assembly will be on Friday 12th October at 2:45pm. We would love to see you there!


As the weather now begins to change please remind your children that they will need a change of footwear for break and lunch if they wish to go on the grass! On very wet days a change of trousers may also be suitable for those playing football. 


Homework- This will be sent out via Class Dojo so please do make sure you are signed up! If you have any issues with this please do come and ask Miss Evans who can help you figure it all out. Paper copies can be sent if required. 


The current weekly timetable is attached below. Please bear in mind that this may change as life at school is always hectic and variable! 


Year 4 need you! 


If any parents/carers or helpers feel that they can spare some time in the early mornings or just before pick up to hear children read I would be ever so grateful for the offer! 

 A thank you note...


A huge thank you from us all in Year 4 to Chris the site manager currently working on the school. He graciously came into class and gave us a talk about the site and health and safety rules. He also donated a full builders attire to us! We are fully prepared with: high visibility vest, ear defenders, dust mask, protective eye goggles and more! 

Upcoming events! 


We are very lucky to have an upcoming visit from the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy who will be giving us a workshop. We will be using our tone of voice and acting skills to create some great work. 

Where every child matters and individuals are valued.