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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

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Welcome to Badger Class! We hope you are all looking out for the signs of spring as we progress through this exciting term.

Thank you for visiting our class page. On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Year 5


Our class teacher is Miss Evans.

Our teaching assistants are Ms Orrock and Mrs Ould.

Mrs Hodson (HLTA) teaches the class on a Thursday morning and a Tuesday afternoon.



We value all of the staff who help us with our learning and progression throughout the school year.

Picture 1 Mrs Ould
Picture 2 Ms Orrock
Picture 3 Mrs Hodson








Key Weekly Information


P.E. continues to be on Tuesday afternoon: the session will be games with Mrs Seymour. Please make sure the children have their PE kit in school at all times, with warm clothing included for when the weather is cool.


Mrs Hodson will continue to teach the class until after half term. We look forward to seeing Miss Evans soon, when she has made a full recovery. 


As we move our way through the school we gain more responsibilities. In Year 5 we have quite a few, some of which are:
- KS1 lunch helpers is where we help our peers in KS1 to tidy up their tables
- Tidy Friday trophy where we award the class, who have been named the easiest to tidy by our lovely cleaning staff, a trophy in our Friday assembly
- KS2 playtime equipment monitors

We are learning to be very independent and hopefully we can use our skills at home to help around the house!





This half term, as a school, we are focusing on the importance of reading. Each Badger will have a reading record and new reading book (either from school or home). Each day they are to write the title and page numbers read only, no need for comments unless they would like to! We will be writing our comments and discussing our books together every Friday morning. In Year 5 they are expected to read at least 5 pages a day as homework, as well as reading within school. Please do allow them to read aloud to you as this will encourage confidence when reading aloud in class, and it is nice for you to hear how your Badger is coming along! Remember, they are never to old to be read to either, so feel free to read along with them!

What are we learning at the moment?


Our topic this term is Crime and Punishment. In English, we have been working on The Highwayman, a narrative poem by Alfred Noyes. We have written diaries and monologues from the perspective of the characters to communicate their reactions and emotions. We have had lots of fun improving our acting skills before putting on a successful assembly for our friends and relatives. Well done Year 5!


In maths, we have learnt how to read and write Roman numerals up to one million. We have also been investigating the properties of polygons and how to transform them. So far, we have translated the shapes using coordinates and we will be reflecting and rotating them in the coming weeks.


In art, we have sketched portraits, making sure that the facial features are in the right places and in proportion! We have also practised drawing portraits to show different emotions and over-working with pastels.


We have begun to compare the life cycles of amphibians, birds and mammals in science. We also enjoyed dissecting a flowering plant to look at its different parts and the functions they perform in its life cycle.

Where every child matters and individuals are valued.