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World Book Day 2018


Wow, what an exciting day we had for World Book Day. It was amazing to see the range of costumes that everyone was wearing. A huge thank you for helping your children dress up as their favourite book character.


The theme this year was “Share a Story” so lots of teachers and teaching assistants chose a book to share. The children were able to choose which group they joined and following our World Book Day assembly, everyone found a space in school to share the book and complete a follow-up activity.


The books included Pippi Longstocking; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; Mog and Bunny; The Name of this Book is Secret; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell; Stick Man; Revolting Recipes; Mr Messy; Mr Wolf and the Enormous Turnip; The Highway Rat; Eat your Peas; and The Day the Crayons Came Home. It was a great mixture of old favourites and some new books that we all enjoyed sharing.


We all came back together to share the activities we had completed. During the rest of the day, each class completed different tasks based on a range of books.


Every child was given a book token which they can use towards the cost of a book or to swap for one of the new books especially written for World Book Day 2018.


A Reading River was sent home with every child; I am looking forward to receiving the completed rivers after the Easter holidays so that they can be displayed in the library. How creative can you be to show all the different types of text you have read or shared?