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Welcome to Year 3!

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Welcome to Year 3! Thank you for visiting our class page. On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Year 3


Ms Thomas

Miss Orrock

Mrs Hovsepyan

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Please take a look at our long term plan to see what our summer term topics are!

Key Weekly Information



Monday - rounders

Tuesday - swimming

Please ensure all PE kits are in school on these days.










Homework due in.


Homework sent home.

Key Skills/ English/ Maths


Class Assembly dates

Our Summer Term Assembly will be on Friday 16th June.

What are we learning at the moment?

  In the last couple of weeks in Year 3, we have been finding out more about shadows and how light travels in a straight line during science lessons. Literacy work has included persuasive writing and learning how to write an effective summary of a text. We're currently reading the story of 'Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp', as told by Philip Pullman, and recent maths work has included questions on telling the time using the 12- and 24-hour clock and geometric shapes.


  The children have also worked in groups to plan (using concept maps), and then perform our Baghdad market drama, having also designed and drawn an Arabian city skyline.

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  This half term, the class has also very much enjoyed working with Mr. Brown in athletics lessons, improving running, throwing and other field sport skills. Do you know a strategy to change the trajectory of a throw to gain more height? (One of the skills we have been practising!)

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  The topic in Year 3 this summer term is 'Arabian Nights' and we are looking at books by Jan Pienkowski. We are starting this with a Baghdad market drama.


  Science work this half term is on 'Light and Shadow', and we have been investigating different light sources and finding out more about the words: transparent, translucent and opaque.





  We enjoyed a very busy half term, learning more about the Vikings - their battles and language; customs and legacy. Did you know many place names have Viking origins?


  Literacy work included writing Viking poems, having listened to various examples and studied the book, "The Last Viking' by Terry Deary.

Maths work on multiplication and Time was also a focus this half term.


  Science work was on magnets and magnetism, although we were also fortunate to have a visit from a geologist, which was fascinating.

Our class investigated rock samples and looked at accompanying photos of far-off locations with different geological features.

The school also got to know more about research in the Antarctic, including looking at the winter clothing and equipment that scientists need in order to survive in that harsh environment.


  We have started this half term by finding out more about Viking Longships and where the Vikings came from. There are many fascinating and surprising facts to learn about these fierce warriors!


  Maths has included work on fractions and division, and we have also been considering conjunctions and connectives in literacy.

Recent highlights have been preparing for our class assembly; a visit from a dentist; as well as a fun and very useful Bikeablility session.

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  The class are settling very well into the Spring Term and had a great 'Sparky Start' to our main topic this half term, The Anglo Saxons, with a fantastic trip to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village in Suffolk.


  Here the children had opportunities to look at original artefacts in the onsite museum; dress up in Saxon-style clothes; create their own Saxon jewellery designs; and explore the reconstructed Anglo Saxon village. This included joining in with legend telling and song singing in the Great Hall, as well as riddle solving, and finding out more about the different crafts and organisation of Anglo Saxon life.



  We will be continuing to find out more about this exciting period of history, as well as learn about the famous Beowulf myth, as the half term progresses!


  As usual, many literacy skills and work from the National Curriculum will be taught through the topic work this half term. These include exploring the genres of myths and legends, as well as non-chronological reports based around Anglo Saxon settlements and way of life.


  The focus of math's work includes multiplication and division; work on time and fractions; as well as consolidation of other key areas of maths, again based on the National Curriculum.


  Science this half term involves work on animals, including humans. We will be looking at aspects of the human body, such as finding out more about teeth. Geography work will include map-reading skills - linked to the main topic - for example, looking at the 'root' meaning of place names still in use today.


   Art will include sketching and painting and looking at the work of the Swedish artist, Tora Vega Holmströmand music includes looking at rhythmic and melodic improvisations and performance skills.


  The children will continue to enjoy P.E. and gym lessons throughout the half-term, on Monday and Wednesday respectively, and the R.E. focus includes the Christian creation story.


  At the beginning of the year, work in Year 3 included:


Learning Rules


We have some class learning rules that we follow. They are:


Listen to each other's ideas


All our words and deeds are kind

Respect our differences



Try your best and have fun!



Where every child matters and individuals are valued.