The Icknield Primary School

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Subject Leaders - Victoria Zarate 


" Pupils' achievement in writing across the school is a key strength because teaching is highly effective. Evidence in books demonstrated pupils' pride in their neatly presented work and shows that pupils use the spelling, grammar and punctuation skills they have been taught. Writing displays across the school give examples of high-quality writing in different subjects and genres." (Ofsted January 2018)


"Phonics teaching is highly effective. Leaders have found that pupils respond well to teachers' energetics and inspiring delivery. Teachers' subject knowledge is strong and lessons are well resourced, enabling pupils to make good progress in learning about the sounds that letters make." (Ofsted January 2018)


" The teaching of reading is effective across the whole school. Pupils are provided with texts to read that are well matched to their abilities...They enjoy reading and are able to speak at length about their reading books, demonstrating clear understanding of what they have read."

(Ofsted January 2018)


"...pupils make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics." (Ofsted January 2018)


The area of English is split up into different aspects: writing, handwriting, reading, spelling and phonics. Click below to go to the section you need...