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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 Badgers!

Note- Please be aware that this page is currently being edited. Please pop back soon to see all complete changes. (11/9/20)


Welcome to Badger Class. Happy New Year! We hope you have all had a restful break and are ready to launch into the spring term.

Thank you for visiting our class page. On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Year 5

Our class teacher is Miss Nicholson.

Mrs Kiernan (HLTA) supports us in class every Monday to Thursday morning, then Mrs Hodson (HLTA) supports us every Friday morning.


We value all of the staff who help us with our learning and progression throughout the school year.

Key Weekly Information

PE (Gym) is with Miss Nicholson on a Monday morning. The other PE session is Multiskills with Mrs Seymour on a Thursday afternoon. Please make sure the children have their PE kit in school at all times, with warm clothing included for the autumn and spring terms.


As we move our way through the school we gain more responsibilities. In Year 5 we have quite a few, some of which are:
- KS1 lunch helpers is where we help our peers in KS1 to tidy up their tables;
- Paper recycling.


We are learning to be very independent and hopefully we can use our skills at home to help around the house!


Home Learning

While we are working from home, I will regularly post a range of resources and activity ideas both on to here and Class Dojo. If you would prefer to, I can also send you a timetable I created! Please feel free to keep me regularly updated on how the badgers are doing and keep asking me questions/expressing any concerns you may have. This is a very surreal time but I will make sure I can support wherever I can. :)



All Home Learning (Summer Term) incl. Moving Up Booklets and Guidance

Optional Easter Activities


Each Badger will have a reading record and new reading book (either from school or home). Each day they are to write the title and page numbers read, with comments written from at least two entries per week. In Year 5, they are expected to read at least 5 pages a day as homework for 5 days of the week, as well as reading within school. Please do allow them to read aloud to you as this will encourage confidence when reading aloud in class, and it is nice for you to hear how your Badger is coming along! Remember, they are never to old to be read to either, so feel free to read along with them!

They will also be learning and revising the key number facts and learning the spellings from the National Curriculum Word List for Years 5 - 6.

Important Dates

Our next tree café is on Friday 17th January. This time the focus will be on Science!

What are we learning at the moment?

Our Spring topic is the Mayans! During the first half of the term, we will be focusing on Mayan food and drink, their language, alphabet and number system, and also their calendar and astrology.


This half-term, we will also be focusing on:


  • Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages within Maths;
  • Properties of Materials within Science;
  • Map/atlas work of Central America/Maya regions (4- and 6-figure grid references) and rainforest environments within Geography;
  • Jungle/rainforest collage. In addition, a focus on Henry Moore. Both within Art and DT;
  • A variety of Gym and Multi-skills aspects within PE;
  • Replicating a wide range of rainforest sounds within Music;
  • Strategies for working together successfully, within PSHE;
  • Programming, in particular features of algorithms within Computing;
  • Religions helping the poor and also Art and Music within RE;
  • Phonics, numbers 1-12, ask and give their age and nouns (pencil case items) within French.


The books we are focusing on for Spring 1 are 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross MacKenzie and 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry. These books will support us during our reading and writing lessons for the half-term. 

Thrive and achieve together!