The Icknield Primary School

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Subject Leader - Lily Masters


"Science teaching benefits from links that show the practical impact of science such as that at the
botanical gardens in Cambridge." 
(Ofsted, May 2016)

National Curriculum

The following document outlines the main objectives taught in each year group for Science:


At Icknield, children learn the practical, working scientifically aspects of science, as well as the fundamental knowledge required. Children are encouraged to ask questions and design experiments to answer them, especially as they progress through to KS2. Children are encouraged to work together in science to ask questions and carry out investigations. We use a variety of materials and equipment, as well as visuals, to support learning. 


Home learning has been guided and supported by class teachers, but it is also supported by The Oak National Academy. 

Supporting Your Child

Have you visited the Cambridge Science Centre yet? Find out more here. Here you can find a range of science activities to try at home! For more ideas of how you can support you child in science at home, please see Miss Masters.

Primary Science Quality Mark

In 2019, Mrs Holt (the previous science subject leader) worked tirelessly throughout the year. Thanks to her hard work, the school has earned the Primary Science Quality Mark! This is a fantastic achievement for the school. We are continuing to work to increase the range of practical and inspirational work for the children as well as developing relationships with the local community and research parks nearby.

Principles of science