The Icknield Primary School

Thrive and achieve together!

Ethos, Aims and Values

Here at Icknield our vision is to build a community of collaboration where diversity is valued and everyone is encouraged to speak in the knowledge that they are listened to.  Through education we aim to unlock a brighter future, broaden horizons and show our children that the world is theirs to explore. In doing so, we enable everyone to be ambitious for a lifetime of learning. We expect our children to be ready; to be respectful and to be safe Everyone is valued here and there is opportunity for all. We recognise that all parents are ambitious for the children and we help them realise that ambition so that we thrive and achieve together.

At the heart of everything that we do are the children. We are a caring and inclusive community and   we live and work by the Icknield values of being:

  • Ambitious
  • Caring
  • Creative
  • Honest
  • Inclusive
  • Reslient
  • Unique

These values underpin all that we do and are our guiding principles. We are an aspirational school where learning is exciting, challenging and creative.  We aim to foster a sense of self belief and purpose in our children to equip them for the opportunities and challenges that life presents.

We provide exciting and engaging learning experiences, which enable all children to become active and effective learners who achieve their very best. We foster strong partnerships with parents and carers, actively encouraging them to become involved in their child’s learning and valuing the contributions they have to make.

These values allow us to help develop pupils’ understanding of their responsibilities as members of a community, encouraging a positive, respectful and caring attitude towards others & the environment. They help us enable all our children to become responsible, resourceful, resilient and reflective young people, ready to face life’s challenges with confidence.

Most importantly, at Icknield, we create a nurturing environment which supports the well-being of every pupil and which enables children to learn how to manage their emotions and develop positive and fulfilling relationships.