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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

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Welcome to Ladybird class! Thank you for visiting our class page. On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Ladybird class


Our class teacher is Mrs Zarate.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Jones.


The team will aim to make the transition into Year 1 as smooth and fun as possible. We will gradually introduce more structure as the childrens' confidence builds in their new environment.

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Our topic for Summer 2 (w/c 3rd June 2019) is Gardener's world. This is to link in with our trip to Willows Activity farm and our science topic of plants and trees. Our books to cover through our Write stuff scheme of work will be Jack and the beanstalk, followed by Jack and the Flum Flum tree (Julia Donaldson).


Our topic for Summer 1 (WC 22nd April 2019) is a continuation of our DEEP, DARK WOOD topic. The children have enjoyed immersing theirselves in the Gruffalo book and have loved going on explorations in our wildlife area, looking for various clues! We will finish the book using our Boomtastics, Fantastics and Grammaristics to stimulate our writing. We will then plan our own story and use our imagination to change aspects of the story. It is always good to give children ownership of a story and their own fab (and sometimes interesting!!) ideas can lead to a high standard of writing.

We hope to spend lots of time out and about in the new term (fingers crossed on the weather) and have various Geographical trips (local and in school hours) and Science walks planned. Outdoor learning is always a great way to motivate the children!


Our topic for Spring 2 (WC 25th February 2019), is the DEEP, DARK WOOD. This will focus on work around the Grufallo and we hope to have various EXPERIENCE days to stimulate interest and writing through our new English scheme.

Prior to this the children will finish their work on Grandad's island and culminate with writing their own story. The children have very much enjoyed the book.

We will also do some work on the environment and the importance of bees on our BORRAS day (6th March). We will follow this with work on Jack and the Beanstalk for World book day (March 7th).

Looks like a busy half term already!


Our topic for Spring 1 will be a continuation of Dinosaurs and Islands. The children were amazed by our CCTV footage of a dinosaur laying an egg in our classroom!

The children have been very engaged and were especially excited to receive a mysterious letter from Tom who is stuck on a mysterious dinosaur island.....

As part of our new writing scheme (The Write Stuff) we will be focusing on a book called "Grandad's island" and doing lots of fun activities around this with the emphasis on producing some great sentences.

We also have some special workshops this term so will be covering topics such as environmental care (recycling and plastics!) and superheroes.

Watch this space.....



Our Topic for Autumn 2 is Celebrations and dinosaurs!


Our topic for Autumn 1 is All about us. We will be focusing on ourselves and our families. This topic helps the transition into mainstream schooling. It is also the best way to enhance learning when children are discussing their own life experiences.

We will start off with a unit of work around Ladybirds and focus on the book, What the Ladybird heard to help support our transition from Ducklings into Ladybirds!


Please see the Medium term planning for an overview of what things we will be doing this half term (please note that this may be subject to change)







Key Weekly Information


Summer Term 2019


As we aim to support your child's independence, can you please try to refrain from coming into the cloakroom area in the mornings. It can become quite congested at drop off time and would be a good opportunity to allow your child to come in independently. Mrs Solly or Mr Hinde will be on hand to support your child if needbe.


Summer 2

We are very fortunate to have swimming on a Tuesday morning and a Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure children have all kit for these days (swimming kit, towels, adequate poolside footwear).

We continue to have PE on a Monday pm but will no longer have PE on a Friday.


Welcome to Ladybird class.


Things to note:

PE is  on Monday afternoon and Friday morning (starting week commencing 3rd September).

Please make sure your child has a named kit in school that is suitable for all manners of weather. The hall can get chilly and on any given day the children may go out for their session. (Please note that we have a very limited selection of spare kit)


The children are getting more efficient in the transition from outdoor to indoor shoe and we will continue to work on the tidiness aspect!

Can you please ensure that your child has an indoor shoe in school at all times.

Children are allowed in from 8.45am and 8.55am where they can come in independently.

The school day begins at 8.55am.


We politely request that adults support their children in being independent in organising their own belongings and refrain from coming into the classroom to help. (We know it’s tricky!) .

Children will have pegs to put coats on outside of the classroom, then there will be a tray in the classroom to put book bags in and a place to put their water bottles in. As the children come in there will be activities for them to access independently and off course, they can have a quick chat and catch up with their friends!

We will off course be flexible in the initial transition into a new year.

As children get used to routines, I am sure they will be efficient and independent enough to do this confidentally by theirselves without the need for adults to come into the building.


The door to the classroom is opened from 8.40am for parents/ carers to speak to staff to deliver messages such as collections etc.  In line with school policy adults and children should not enter the school before this time.



Homework is to be used as a tool to consolidate learning and tailored to individual requirements. Books will go out on a Friday to be returned by the following Thursday. There will be a list of words and number facts to be learnt ( for a weekly Friday "quiz").


I would very much like you to read with your child whenever the opportunity arises. Reading for pleasure is a fundamental tool in your child's development. It builds confidence, supports cognitive thinking, helps progress in writing, etc.


Please read and share books with your child everyday if possible, just 10 minutes makes all the difference.  I am aiming to have daily guided reading sessions where all children will be heard reading across the week this term. Your child will be prompted to change his/her book after a session and particularly on a Monday and Friday.I appreciate that the children are very young so we will look to build up their confidence to initiate book changes. Please feel free to give your child a gentle reminder in the morning if needed.


I will continue to send (via Class Dojo) a brief breakdown of the things that we have been doing in class

for that week.


My door is always open and please feel free to discuss any matters or questions that you may have. I’m happy to help and if required,make an appointment with you.


Here is a copy of our weekly class timetable. It is subject to change dependent on weekly events.

Initially and in the first few weeks, the timetable will be very flexible. The children will have lots of continuous provisions and activities to choose independently alongside focused group activities. The adults will be reading with your child. The sessions will be of a small length and focus on specific aspects in maths, English and phonics.

We will also focus on circle time activities, where children get the opportunity to talk and play in order to boost their confidence and self esteem.


In Spring/Summer term there will be a timetable for Show and Tell on Friday afternoons where they can bring in an item from home to share with their friends. I have found this a lovely opportunity for children to talk and express theirselves. Items can be favourite toys, achievements they have, etc. Please refrain from sticks, stones and random McDonalds toys!smiley


Show and tell timetable is below.


What are we learning at the moment?




Maths is taught in blocks as per the school scheme. It is very important that children are hands on and appreciate the concept of number. Use counters, sweets, lego pieces, etc for children to touch and count. This reinforces what the actual number means (i.e That it is representing an amount). 

This term, we will beworking on place value within 100 and doing lots of work partitioning tens and ones (and maybe hundreds!). We will also do a four week unit on measurement covering money, time and weight/volume. We will consolidate learning and any gaps in the last week of term.




This half term we will focus our work aound the traditional tale of Jack and the beanstalk. We will also do a unit of work around Jack and the Flum Flum treee. We will focus on creating the most powerful sentences using the basic of grammar while including adjectives, verbs, e.t.c. We will reinforce suffixes and prefixes such as -est, -ed, -er and un-

We will then rewrite our own version of the stories and share this with our peers. 

The moto for our writing will continue to be THINK IT, SAY IT, WRITE IT, READ IT!

In order for a child to write something, they need to be able to say it. Our work will always try to relate to life experiences such as to make it more appealing to your child. They are more likely to write about something that they have done or been involved in then to something they have no experience of.

Please practice writing simple sentences where possible. Maybe you could keep a diary, write a wish list, weekly chores for rewards, etc.

It is still fundamental to have those building blocks of using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops!! These are the foundations for the children as they progress through their school life.



SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar)

The emphasis will be on word and sentence  level. Working on letter formation, finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. We will improve sentences by adding adjectives to give more description and make writing more exciting. We will recap on Nouns and verbs while continue to work on phase 6 suffixes and prefixes such as -ed,-ing,un-



In line with the current school policy, at some stage, we will be introduce pre cursive writing. This is where the children start their letter formation on the line (lead ins) and prepares them for the introduction of joined up writing in Year 2.

There is varying literature as to what is the best approach to handwriting is and we will keep up to date to do the best for your child. We need to ascertain if children are comfortable in letter formation and recognition from Reception first before moving them on. We will be doing daily letter formation alongside fine motor activities to help the transition into pre cursive writing.



This term,  any gaps in phase 3 and phase 5 will be worked on (based on our phonics check data). We will continue to work on phase 6 phonics with a focus on -ed, -ing and er suffixes. We will discuss tenses and practise the writing rules for these.


Foundation subjects:

History-Historical Enquiry and understanding events, people and changes form the past. Comparing new and old items (e.g toys)

Geography- Focus on Geographical skills and fieldwork- Learning about  making and using simple maps. Also, work on Place knowledge (understanding that places can be linked by roads, trains, etc)

Science- Seasonal work (Spring and Summer) and our Trees and Plants topic

PSHE- Keeping Safe (road safety and staying safe at Summer)

Art- Spring paintings using colour, line and tone. Sketching of real life objects and scenery. We have Art week (w/c 17th June) where we will use junk modelling to make our own creatures (based on our experiences through our Gruffallo work)

PE- Athletics/Invasion games.


 Please see the medium term plan  above for  what we are covering  in lessons.  Please note that this is subject to change.



Termly news from the  Ladybird classroom:


PLEASE SEE CLASS DOJO for weekly updates of class activity.


July 2019

We have had a busy final month in Ladybird class! It was surreal starting off the month with our jump up morning.... some very familiar faces for us all! It was great to have a look around our new Hedgehog environment and I look forward to carrying on our Journey together into year 2. We did some hedgehog related activities and finished off with a home made chocolate hedgehog biscuit at the end of the day!

This month in English, the children have carried on their FANTASTIC work on our Jack and the beanstalk story (JATBS). The children completed the unit by writing their own stories, loosely based on the structure of JATBS. It was great to read all their excellent ideas and see their imagination being reflected through their writing. As well as focusing on word choices and sentence structure, we have worked on our grammar with a focus on suffixes and prefixes (-ing, -ed, -er, -est and un-).

In maths, we have been working on measurement and specifically, Time. We were fortunate to use our new resources and each child has been getting hands on with their own clocks with working hands. The children learnt  to tell the time to the o'clock and half past. Try to test your child if you see any clocks over the summer holidays! We also worked on word problems in time and reinforced our addition and subtraction calculations.I have sent home our Friday"test" book to highlight any areas that you may like to focus on. There is also a summer maths booklet to have a look at in those quiet, opportune moments!

In science, we completed our topic on trees and plants. The child enjoyed working together to prepare our planter bed and then each child planted their sunflower seed. We have also learnt about parts of a plant, how plants grow and the children loved going on a search for deciduous or evergreen trees!

In other areas such as art, we have drawn and chalked plants in the playground and made collages. As part of our History (acknowledgement of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing), we chalked some great lunar pictures and the children loved making junk modelling rockets!

We have had a very busy time in the swimming pool this month! By the time of this letter, I very much hope to have caught up with all the outstanding sessions. The children have grown in confidence in the pool and it has been so fulfilling to see them have so much fun!

As a final note, I would like to congratulate all the children for their first year of main stream school! It has been great to see them grow and watch them make progress over the year. Thank you for all the support and we look forward to carrying on our progress as we start our new life in Hedgehogs.

Happy holidays to you all.


June 2019

The children soon got back into the swing of things after our half term break! We quickly recapped on our fractions and then used our quarter and halves knowledge to direct each other in the playground. We also enjoyed drawing grids and navigating our friends to find items drawn, such as stars, apples and off course, the odd unicorn! We then worked on our tens and units as we explored numbers within 100. We are now starting our unit on money. This has helped reinforce our timetables as we count our 2p, 5p and 10ps. We have also practised counting amounts. Challenge your children to add different coins up, can they find the correct amount?

In English, we have finished and edited our Grufallo stories. We are now in the midst of writing Jack and the beanstalk using our Fantastics, Grammaristics and Boomtastics.  The topic started on a very interesting note when we were left some magical beans from a old stranger! We saw him on our "CCTV"! He left us a very kind note so we are sure that he is nice! It is really pleasing to see all the lovely word choices and descriptions that the children come up with.

In Science, we have worked on our topic of Plants and trees. The children enjoyed planting their beans and writing instructions on how to do it. We also enjoyed going on a Science walk and identifying all the wild plants around the schools ground. Lots of daisy, Ivy and the odd stinging nettle!

We look forward to our school trip on the 27th June and will update you next month!

May 2019

Another busy month has flown by in Ladybirds. In maths, we have immersed ourselves in the world of multiplication and division. This has involved lots of counting of equal groups of counters, cubes, etc. We have completed our tasks alongside drawing of groups and work on arrays. It is really important that the children see the process of grouping amounts together. The children have experienced hands on: groups being handed out in equal amounts (multiplication) to make a whole amount and/or the whole amount being shared out into equal groups (division). We have now moved onto Fractions. This has began with recognising and making two equal parts of a group of object, shape or quantity (1/2) and we will move onto 1/4's (1 of four equal parts). Please practice your fractions, as we have seen through the school that their can be misconceptions in this area. Remember every fraction is not just different sections of a pizza!cheeky

In English, we continued our work on the Grufallo through our Write stuff Scheme. Lots of adjectives and similes in our amazing sentences. We have started to plan our own story and made our own title for our story writing by the end of term. We have started to plan for this and the children enjoyed drawing their new characters for their rewrite. Lots of unicorns and robots as you can imagine!! We will discuss negative and positive vocabulary we can use in our story and have began to do this for each "plot" or section of our story. It is great to give ownership to your child and let their imagination run wild (not too wild, off course!).
In Science, we worked on seasons and discussed the different hours of daylight that occurs during each season.

In Geography, we continue to work on maps. The children drew impressive routes of our journey to and from Bell bird and have very much enjoyed being outside and drawing birds eye views of our school grounds.
We have also been very busy doing our guided reading daily with lots of different activities. Lot of sound work in phonics and practicing for our phonics check in June. Homework will go out for the half term and will have a focus on alien and real words. Please have a go with your child and reinforce sounds that they may be struggling to pick up.

Happy half term and thank you for all your efforts.


March 2019

We have had a real hands on and active month! This has resulted in lots of engagement, fun and great learning (just the way we like it! smiley).

Lots of our work has resulted in some great structured sentences as we build up our stamina to produce a little bit more in depth work. The children loved writing instructions. We had to get hands on first and did this by making some amazing pancakes (yummy!) and followed this with some excellent bee hotels (5 star,off course!!) on our Wildlife day.

Science week provided some great opportunities to reflect on all the experiences that we had. We went on a  Science walk around the grounds that finished in our new Nature area. We made some great flying machines and the children loved seeing which aeroplane, glider or helicopter flew the furthest! Also, following the theme of "Journeys", we discussed the life and habitat of a dinosaur. This culminated with the children sculpting their own impressive dinosaurs out of clay and placing them in their "habitat".

Amongst all this, we have still managed to start our new topic of THE DEEP,DARK WOOD. We saw footage of the Gruffalo on our "CCTV" and the children enjoyed looking for clues all around the school!! We  are now working on the Gruffalo story following our Write stuff writing scheme.

In maths, we have been working on measurement. Again, this has involved the children getting up and active. We have worked on height and length, using comparison words such as shorter, taller and longer. We have used non-standardized units of measurement such as cubes to measure items around our classroom. We have also used standard measurement of centremetres with rulers and metre sticks.  We have now moved onto weight. The children have loved using some brand new balance buckets and immersed theirselves in comparing which items are heavier or lighter. This week, we are moving onto measuring weight in cubes and then will hope to get some real scales out!

In Geography, we have worked on the countries of the UK, surrounding seas and the continents. The children were keen to talk about all the amazing places that they have been to.

In PSHE, the children have worked on Citizenship. We have had some fun circle times, were the children acted out all the groups that they take part in and all the opportunities that our Local community provides for them.

In phonics, we have assessed any gaps in our phonics check (phase 3 and 5) and will continue to work on these. We have also discussed sounds such as kn, gn, silent c, tch, dge. We also continue to work on phase 6 suffixes and prefixes such as un-, -ed, -s, -es.

Keep up the great work, Ladybirds.

Thank you to all the adults who support their children at home, it does have a big impact.



February 2019


It has been a super quick month due to half term but we have still managed to squeeze in lots of great learning!

Firstly, a big well done to the children who completed their half term reading challenge! I hope any prizes are not too loud and annoying!😊Brilliant effort though and we can see the improvement in all the children's reading.

In English, we have continued to discuss and devise some great sentences on our Grandpa's island book. The children enjoyed watching the opening scene of Rio and linking this to the island. They used amazing adjectives to describe all the amazing colours and used -ing words to describe the bird's actions  (flapping, swooping, e.t.c). We also imagined being in the jungle and used similes to compare the environment. "The island was full of colour like a fresh, vibrant fruit aisle in a supermarket!". We continue to work on our Write Stuff English scheme and the children are becoming more familiar with the fantastics, grammaristics and boombastics!. Watch this space on a hall display coming soon!

In maths, we have continued our work on place value. We have used partitioning and discussed the amounts of tens and units within a 2 digit number. The children have reinforced this by making the numbers using our 'diennes' resources and we have even practised drawing the numbers. Look out for any larger numbers when you are out and about!

In science, we continued our work on materials and discussed the properties of certain items. The children enjoyed working under our new canopy and carried out tests to find out which materials were waterproof or not. I am not sure how many children were waterproof theirselves but it was a lot of fun with some great learning taking place!

In Geography, we have worked on the UK. We have covered its countries and surrounding seas. This week will be capital cities and then we move on to continents.


Thank you for any effort and support at home. Remember, every little bit helps!


January 2019

It has been a busy month in Ladybirds with lots of fun combined with hard work and some great learning.

In Phonics, we have continued to work on Phase 5 alternative sounds while recapping on any gaps in other sounds. As ever, there has been a big push on reading. The children enjoy taking turns leading guided reading sessions and love the control of issuing commands and raffle tickets!

Also, any reading and homework at home has a positive impact, thank you.

We have worked hard on our letter formation and have reinforced the fundamentals of a good sentence. These being capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops.We have continued to up level our sentences by adding adjectives and conjunctions (such as 'and' and 'but').

In English, we finished work on Tom and the island of dinosaurs by designing and drawing our own islands. Carrying on the theme, Tom kindly left us a book, Grandpa's island. This has been the focus of our work as we follow our new English scheme (The Write Stuff). We have worked hard on forming good effective sentences and I have been really proud of the children's efforts. Off course, it hasn't all been hard slog and the children have making it even more engaging by acting out being Grandpa, looking at items from his attic, playing musical instruments to represent being on a ship, watching some of the Jungle book while imaging being in the jungle. I think the most memorable part so far has been going on our "hot air balloon" ride around the school grounds to explore and imagine our dinosaur island. We found a "shipwreck" and a huge "dinosaur egg"!.

In maths, we have been hands on with cubes and ten frames to help us with our work on addition and subtraction.It is a great way of showing the process and also helps to reinforce crossing over 10's (eg 13 - 4, 8 + 3, e.t.c). We have also used counting on or back in our heads and have used number lines to help. The children have worked on number bonds to 10 and used these within some of our calculations.

In Geography, our topic is Our School. We have learnt about compass directions, aerial views, made maps of our classroom, made maps of the school and the children particularily liked exploring Sawston on Google Maps and looking for their homes!

In PE, the children have been doing lots of jumping, landing and balancing!

We are looking forward to our Tree Cafe event on the first of February and will let you know all about it.

Keep up the hard work!



NEW SPRING TERM- January 2019

Date for your diary- Our "class assembly" is on Friday 1st February. 14.00pm to 15.00pm (approximately). More information will follow but the school is taking a new approach this year. The focus is on having an interactive session where parents and children work, socialise and have fun together. It will be great to get as many people here as possible to share the experience.

Watch this space (or parent mail!) for more information.


December 2018

Another month has flown by in Ladybird class! The children have enjoyed performing our nativity, going to the Pantomime and meeting our class Scout Elf. Inline with Parliament week, we voted to give him his name and he certainly lives up to the name of Cheeky. He is full of mischievousness and been up to all sorts in our classroom! We have enjoyed writing to Santa and we rewrote the Christmas story to cheer up his friend, Chris, who is currently in Elf hospital! He is on the mend so please don't worry!
In maths, we have worked on number bonds and talked about 2 smaller part amounts making up one whole amount. We used 2 coloured pencils and cubes to make or draw number bonds to 7. If you find the time, see if you can practice any number bonds for a given  number (e.g 10 (9+1,1+9, 8+2, 2 + 8, etc).
In Science, we have learnt about the seasons. We have discussed the different weather that we may get in the differing seasons. We have also done some lovely art work, watch this space....

In Phonics/English, the children have been learning new alternative spellings for sounds and have been doing lots of guided reading sessions. Please continue to find the time to read to or hear your child read. Refer to the phase 3 and phase 5 sound mats that were sent home if required.

I have been really pleased with how all the children have settled into Year 1 life throughout our first term.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing your child continue to be happy and make progress in the Spring term.

Best wishes.

Mr Hinde.


November 2018

It's been an exciting and busy month in Ladybirds!

We bid  a farewell to Miss Kitchen and Miss Hardege who were very supportive in their time at Icknield. They left us with a lasting memory in the shape of a marvellous, Reading for Pleasure Corner. We had a favourite book morning and the children enjoyed sticking their book reviews on the board!


In Maths, we recapped on 2d and 3d shapes. The children enjoyed going on a shape hunt around the school! We have also, worked on place value and have got hands on with diennes, representing tens and ones. We are now focusing on Addition and subtraction, including number bonds and fact families.

In English, we have focused on hand writing and presentation of work. We continue to follow our Mantra of Think it, Say it, Write it and Read it! We have jumped through hoops to represent sentences and have used "and" to connect ideas/sentences together.

The children were super excited to find footprints in and out of our classroom! We checked our "CCTV" footage and were amazed to see a friendly, looking Dinosaur creep into our classroom and deposit an egg! It inspired us to write posters and newspaper reports to inform the rest of the school. Watch this space for any more updates...



In other areas, the children were excellent role-playing the sinking of the Lusitania, as part of our Remembrance Day. We all enjoyed our Parliament week and got engrossed in learning about Orcas. We await the result of our whole school vote and to see how our class manifesto went! The children also learnt about the voting system and loved designing, describing and finally, voting for their favourite super hero.

In Science, our topic is Materials. We have already been searching around the school for different materials and have been generating a good bank of vocabulary describing properties of different items.

The children continue to enjoy outdoor sports with Mrs Seymour (wrap up warm!) and are revelling in their dance lessons

with Miss Christina.

Keep up the hard work Ladybirds, Christmas is coming!


October 2018

Wow, where did that term go!?
This week the children have been engrossed in animals and devising our own mixed up animals (based on the mixed up chameleon).
In Science, we have finished our unit on human and animals by naming body parts and we have grouped animals according to what they eat. Can you remember the three groups? (Carn.........,Herb...... Omni......). The children enjoyed listening to what group our class animals fell under.
In English, we have enjoyed drawing and describing our animals using lots of great adjectives! The children very much enjoyed listening to Miss Hardege's description and drawing her mixed up animal that we all tried to copy! We had lots of great vocabulary that we used to form sentences at the end of the week. Try not to forget your capital letters and full stops!
Miss Kitchen taught us about what it means to be a friend and we enjoyed explaining how important friendship is.
In Maths, we have been carrying on with our subtraction and thinking of all the strategies we use to help us (fingers,....anymore?).
We have made our own subtraction stories and solved lots of word problems.
In PE we have enjoyed games with Mrs Seymour and enjoyed our gym session with Miss Hardege and Miss Kitchen. (I have been teaching this week, honestly!).
It has been great having the 2 teachers with us and they have  been a brilliant asset with helping with the class. We look forward to their return for 2 weeks from the 5th November and they are going to be making an interesting role play area to encourage reading. Watch this space .....
I have been really impressed with how the children have settled this term and it has been great getting to know them all. It has been lovely seeing them settle and work/play together.
Next term, I will be sending home a weekly update of what we have been doing in class and some activities for you to do with your child. Please don't think that this is an arduous thing but merely a quick consolidation of what we have been up to. Every child works and develops at a different pace and I will be giving out pointers as to how to help your child progress even more.
On that note, you should have received a slip for parents evening today. Please DOJO me if your time is inconvenient.


September 2018


The first month has whizzed by in Ladybirds and it has been wonderful to see all the children settling in so well! They are all aware of the rules, know their carpet spaces and home groups. The children have got used to routines and it is really encouraging seeing them having fun and doing their best!

Whilst Mr Hinde was knee deep in nappies, Mrs Solly did an amazing job teaching our Ladybirds! The children have been practising their sounds in phonics and using sound buttons to blend sounds together whilst reading. Children have been doing lots of fine motor exercises and practising their letter/number formation. Lots of reversals but don't worry, we will get there!

The children have been enjoying daily maths sessions and have done lots of work on counting and place value. They have also worked on the days of the week, 1 more and 1 less and doubles. This week, we have been working on number bonds and addition.

The Ladybirds have also worked on our topic, "All about us" where the children have discussed their families, pets and their favourite books.  All the children have enjoyed our show and tell sessions. It has been great for their language and confidence as they proudly talk to their friends about their chosen item or event.

Next month, we will be doing lots of "talk for writing" where we discuss key events and phrases in books, role play and sequence them, rewrite sections and eventually change certain parts to add our own little spin to them. We will continue to work on letter formation with targets of writing on the line and using finger spaces in our writing.

A great first month Ladybirds. Keep it up!



Alternative pronunciation of graphemes support sheet

Thrive and achieve together!