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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to the page of the happy, helpful and hard-working hedgehogs! On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Year 2

Class Teacher - Mr Hinde

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Solly

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Long term plan is attached. Please note this is subject to change.


Our topic for Autumn 2 (w/c 28th October,2019) is Humans and animals.

Welcome to the autumn term 1! Our topic this term is Wonderful World.

I have attached our medium term plan for this term (please note, this is subject to change as we follow children's specific interests at the time).


Important dates:


Please note:

Nativity TBC

Tree cafe 4th October, 2019. 2pm to 3pm


Key Weekly Information

PE - Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings. Children will need named t-shirts, tracksuits, sweatshirts and plimsolls or trainers as this is currently outside on at least one of the days.


Reading- At Icknield Primary School, we like to make sure every child has the opportunity to read with their teacher, at least once a week. Hedgehogs are given this opportunity to do this during their Guided Reading sessions or with an adult 1:1.


Here is a copy of a typical class timetable for Year 2, although this can be subject to change.


Homework will continue to be sent home every Friday (to be returned by the following Thursday). There are varying views on homework but I view them as a good opportunity to consolidate or extend learning. It also can be used as a good tool to work on areas that your children may need practise in.Also,please ensure your child is given opportunity to practise their spellings and number facts during the week. On Fridays, the class are quizzed on their spellings and number facts.


Reading at Home

Reading records should be signed by an adult regularly. Reading diaries are checked every week.

It does not only need to be their school reading book that is jotted down, we love to read about all of the different sorts of texts the children have been reading throughout the week. These could include: magazines, comic books, recipes and many more. The possibilities are endless!


When reading with your child, it can be easy to become a little uncertain about what to question them on within their book! The document below contains a huge variety of questions based on the reading domains we use in class, and can assist your child to be able to read a book at a level of greater depth. A hard copy of this document will also be given to you during the SATs information evening (Date TBC)

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This term in Hedgehogs

2019 Autumn

Maths is taught in blocks as per the school scheme. It is very important that children are hands on and appreciate the concept of number. Use counters, sweets, lego pieces, etc for children to touch and count. This reinforces what the actual number means (i.e That it is representing an amount). 

This term, we will be working on place value within 100 and doing lots of work partitioning tens and ones (and maybe hundreds!). We will also do a three week unit on addition and subtraction. We will consolidate learning and any gaps in the last week of term.




This half term we continue to use our Write Stuff scheme of work with a focus on sentence formation and sentence "stacking". This is where we build a series of sentences to make short paragraphs. The texts will be related to our topic of Animals and humans. The first text will be a non-fiction genre on Big Cats and we will work on information texts. We will focus on creating the most powerful sentences using the basic of grammar while including adjectives, verbs, e.t.c. We will reinforce suffixes and prefixes such as -est, -ed, -er and un-

We will then rewrite our own version of the stories and share this with our peers. 

The moto for our writing will continue to be THINK IT, SAY IT, WRITE IT, READ IT!

In order for a child to write something, they need to be able to say it. Our work will always try to relate to life experiences such as to make it more appealing to your child. They are more likely to write about something that they have done or been involved in then to something they have no experience of.

Please practice writing simple sentences where possible. Maybe you could keep a diary, write a wish list, weekly chores for rewards, etc.

It is still fundamental to have those building blocks of using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops!! These are the foundations for the children as they progress through their school life.



SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar)

This year there will always be a focus on spelling patterns and rules.

Year 2 spellings will be send home as part of your child's weekly homework and these words will be incorporated into sessions at various stages.

The emphasis will continue to be on word and sentence  level. Working on letter formation, finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. We will improve sentences by adding adjectives to give more description and make writing more exciting. We will recap on Nouns and verbs while continue to work on phase 6 suffixes and prefixes such as -ed,-ing,un-



In line with the current school policy, we will be continue our pre cursive writing. This is where the children start their letter formation on the line (lead ins) . We will continue to practise this and will introduce joined up writing to the individuals that are ready for this.

There is varying literature as to what is the best approach to handwriting is and we will keep up to date to do the best for your child. We will be doing daily letter formation alongside fine motor activities to help the transition into pre cursive writing.



This term,  any gaps in phase 3 and phase 5 will be worked on (based on our phonics check data). We will continue to work on phase 6 phonics with a focus on -ed, -ing and er suffixes. We will discuss tenses and practise the writing rules for these. We will work on alternative spellings of sounds such as kn for n, wr for r, etc.


Foundation subjects:

History-Historical Enquiry included Guy fawkes and Remembrance day.

Geography- Focus on Locational knowledge and the seven continents. To describe human and physical features.

Science- Animals, including humans with a working scientifically focus on identification/classification.

PSHE- Relationships and understanding feelings.

Art- Paintings using colour, line and tone. Sketching of real life objects (link to animals/Christmas) and scenery. 

PE- Gymnastics


 Please see the medium term plan (MTP) for  what we are covering  in lessons.  Please note that this is subject to change.






Monthly update

October 2019

It has been a busy month either side of the half-term holiday.

The children finished our unit of work on the Flum Flum tree and came up with their own, very interesting and adventurous versions of the story! We have also been looking at vocabulary, nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs with a view to using these in our writing.

In maths, we continued our work on addition and subtraction. The children are becoming more confident in identifying the value of numbers (tens and units) and we have used various strategies in our calculations such as number lines, regrouping, column method. We continue to get hands on with our diennes to reinforce our learning. Alongside this,we have continued our practise of "mental maths". This is the ability to recall simple number sentences, usually within 10 (4 + 2 =, 5 + 3=, 4 - 2=, e.t.c). Please practise these whenever you get the chance!

We have been doing lots of reading comprehension and discussing texts that we have read. Can you ask your child questions about what they have read and make predictions as to what may happen next!

In other areas, amongst lots of other activities,we have enjoyed some great street dance sessions, using computers for research, worked on the seven continents and had a very tasty world food day! 

We were also lucky to have a visit from drama4all, who sent the children on a fabulous journey of wizards, potions, dragons and stolen swords! This inspired some great writing!

Keep up the hard work everyone!


September 2019

The children have soon adjusted back to school life and are well settled into our new classroom. We have talked a lot about rules, behaviour and have came up with our own class charter to create the best environment for enjoyment and learning!

Our topic this term is Our Wonderful World. We have explored atlases and globes to learn a lot about the continents and oceans of the world. .We have also used our new chrome books and laptops to research some interesting facts on the continents. We are in the process of putting all our work together for a class display.The children have enjoyed singing a song to help us remember!

In maths, we have been working on Place Value with a focus on tens and ones. The children have got hands on drawing and making amounts using various resources such as diennes, numicon and bead strings. We have also followed a framework of Say it, build it, write it and make it. More to follow on our Tree cafe on Friday 4th October at 2pm.....

In English, the children have discussed and recapped on our non-negotiables! (Finger spaces, capital letters, full stops ). The children have been focusing on sentence structure and have been working on noun phrases. We have been using adjectives to up level our ideas. The children are now getting back into our Write Stuff scheme and I am sure we will have a lot of fun working on our new book, Jack and the Flum Flum Tree (Kindly sent by "Grandpa", who we heard form him last year while reading Grandpa's island!).

The children have been doing daily guided reading sessions and across the week each child will read to an adult, complete a SPAG activity, phonics activity and a reading comprehension activity! We are also getting familiar with spelling patterns and rules such as the "j" sound: -ge, -dge, -j and -g.

To cap the month off, we have been having an awesome time doing street dance with our new teacher Miss Rachel. It has been great seeing the children engagement and enjoyment as the bust some new moves! 

Well done to all. Keep up the hard work, Hedgehogs!

Thrive and achieve together!