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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to the page of the happy, helpful and hard-working hedgehogs! On this page you will find key information about our curriculum and our classroom. We will also be sharing some of our learning with you so please come back to visit to see what is new!

Staff in Year 2

Class Teacher - Mr Hinde

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Jones



September 2020

Our topic for Autumn 1 is All about me.

We are conscious of the time that your child has spent away from a school environment and will endeavour to provide a safe, engaging and fun environmnent. The focus will very much be on well-being and making sure that children are as happy as possible.We will also try to be physically active and work outside as much as possible.I hope to provide the opportunity for children to express theirselves and build up their confidence. We will be recapping on the fundamentals across all subject areas while discretely ascertaining any gaps and next step requirements. The children will be recapping on phonics and we will link this in with spelling and reading.



Long term plan is attached. Please note this is subject to change.


All Summer 2 Home Learning Incl. Moving Up Booklets and Guidance

Any anxiety over Coronovirus. Please read to see if suitable for your child.

Important dates:


Please note:



Key Weekly Information

PE - Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. We are also having fun fitness sessions this term on a Wednesday. We are aiming to have all sessions outside and would like children to dress in suitable,comfortable clothing for all weathers. Children are (currently) to come to school in their PE kit with trainers. Due to high number of days, we do not expect full school PE kit but attire such as tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts, shorts (if hot), jumper and preferably rain resistant jacket. Please use your judgement.


Reading- At Icknield Primary School, we like to make sure every child has the opportunity to read with their teacher, at least once a week. Currently, Hedgehogs are given this opportunity to do this during whole class Reading sessions and we will aim to read 1to1 when the conditions allow.

Reading books will go home and we will look to change these on a Friday. Please, ask your child to inform the staff if they require a book change.


Here is a copy of this terms timetable for Year 2, although this can be subject to change.


I am very conscious of the children settling back into the new school routine. Well-being is paramount and we are focusing on recapping on the basics. Inevitably, there are gaps in a good majority of the children's learning. We will endeavour to discretely analyse these and will do our very best to fill this gaps alongside new learning. There are varying views on homework but I view them as a good opportunity to consolidate or extend learning. It also can be used as a good tool to work on areas that your children may need practise in. I will keep parents and carers posted but am some stage, I will be sending optional homework home. While, I completely understand that life is busy, support at home is paramount in your childs development. Any help (little and often) will definately make a difference.


Reading at Home

Reading records should be signed by an adult regularly. Ideally, reading diaries are checked every week but due to Covid guidelines, this may not be possible. Please DOJO Mr hinde, if you have any queries regarding your child's reading. It is very important to hear if you feel that the texts are too challenging or maybe, not challenging enough!

It does not only need to be their school reading book that is jotted down, we love to read about all of the different sorts of texts the children have been reading throughout the week. These could include: magazines, comic books, recipes and many more. The possibilities are endless!


When reading with your child, it can be easy to become a little uncertain about what to question them on within their book! The document below contains a huge variety of questions based on the reading domains we use in class, and can assist your child to be able to read a book at a level of greater depth. 

This term in Hedgehogs

Autumn term 2020


Maths is taught in blocks as per the school scheme.  We use the WhiteRose scheme of works and this term it has introduce a recovery programme that helps recap on missed learning and gaps in year 1 while introducing some year 2 concepts.

Blocks of work are as follows:

Number and place value

Subtraction and addition



This half term we will recap our Write Stuff scheme of work with a focus on word and then sentence formation

The moto for our writing will continue to be THINK IT, SAY IT, WRITE IT, READ IT!

In order for a child to write something, they need to be able to say it. Our work will always try to relate to life experiences such as to make it more appealing to your child. They are more likely to write about something that they have done or been involved in then to something they have no experience of.

Please practice writing simple words and sentences where possible. Maybe you could keep a diary, write a wish list, weekly chores for rewards, etc.

It is still fundamental to have those building blocks of using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops!! These are the foundations for the children as they progress through their school life.


Foundation subjects:

Geography- Locational language and directions.

Science- Outdoor learning_ materials

PSHE- Mindfulness and Staying Safe.

Art- Drawing using different techniques and resources. 

PE- Fundamentals, athletics and fitness.


SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar)

Year 1 and 2 spelling patterns-


Focus on letter formation and introduce concept of lead outs and lead ins (pre requisite to joined writing)


Phase 3 , 4  and 5 focus.

Recap on alien words and phonics check material.


 Please see the medium term plan (MTP) for  what we are covering  in lessons.  Please note that this is subject to change.






Termly update

Autumn 1

It has been incredible seeing the children come in to school and adapt so well to our new working environment. Everyone has settled into new routines, are content with our surroundings and are really getting into the flow of everyday school life! We have had a great mixture of fun activities, active lessons, lots of learning,as well as the odd song and dance! This term, we have focused on settling in with lots of well-being work including being able to express ourselves and discuss emotions.

With previous time lost, it has been really important to reinforce the basics, especially within mathmatics and English.

In English,we have focused heavily on words and sentence structure by jogging our memory to think about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.We have also looked to boost our writing by using adjectives to describe nouns. We have been following our mantra of Think it, Say it, Write it and Read it!

The children have enjoyed working on books such as The Colour Monster and Pilot Ray.

In phonics, we have recapped on phase 3 sounds while introducing alternative spellings from phase 5 that make the same sound (e.g "igh" sound can have a "ie", "i_e" and "-y" spelling. We have also talked about nonsense/alien and real words to help prepare for phonics check in December and/or the new year (I will provide more details of this in the new term).

We have done lots of 1 to 1 reading, group reading and the children are into the swing of doing a daily guided reading task which includes activities such as spellings, reading comprehension,independent reading, shared reading as a group, puncuation and grammar.

In maths,we have completed a unit of work on Place Value and are currently working on addition and subtraction. The children have been getting hands on with using our diennes (hundreds, tens and one blocks) and 100 bead strings to count, make and represent numbers. We have compared numbers and are moving on to addition and subtraction. It is still important to use concrete objects such as counters, etc to reinforce calculations.

In Science, the children have been getting hands on exploring materials, discussing their properties and uses.

In RSE, the children have talked about how special and amazing our bodies are. We have also worked on personal hygiene and talked about helping to prevent illnesses.

As well as of the above, we have also managed:  lots of art work with collages, chalks, paintings and self-portraits (plus, Christmas cards!), lots of fun fitness activities and games in PE and many other activities!

All in all it has been a busy and fun term! 

All the best

Mr Hinde





Thrive and achieve together!