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Information For New Parents

We understand that your child starting their school journey can be a daunting time and you may have many questions about how you can help to prepare your children for starting school. There is a lot of conflicting advice about what children should be able to do before starting school and it is understandable that this can cause stress for you as parents which can affect the children too, and our goal is to make their transition into school as smooth and happy as possible for everyone involved. Please check back over the next few months for more resources and ideas to help you in becoming part of our Icknield Family


Oxford Owl offers some great advice on how to prepare your child for being a successful reader, which comes down to one key thing; talking. When children are successful communicators this gives them a great start to their reading journey. Visit their website for some more practical tips and ideas on how to support your children at home

Phonics sounds pronunciation


If your child is already showing interest in reading and writing then you may already be teaching them how to recognise sounds at home. This is fantastic but what is crucial is that children learn how to pronounce these sounds correctly. Please see the video below which demonstrated the correct articulation so that you can continue to support this learning at home. 

Articulation of Phonemes (1).mp4

Still image for this video